Students are selected by instructors on the basis of submission.

Submission Instructions

Applications should consist of maximum:

6 typed pages of poetry (only one poem per page)
15 pages of prose (double-spaced)

An application fee of $10 — in the form of a check made out to 92nd Street Y or paid through Submittable — must accompany your submission.

Only one fee is required per person, regardless of how many applications are submitted. If you are applying to more than one workshop and would like to submit two different writing samples, please email the center directly. Please do not use a poetry submission for a prose class, or vice versa.

Contact and biographical information should be entered in the Cover Letter field; indicate courses you are applying to in the Workshops field.


Please submit your scholarship application for ANY COURSE when you submit your manuscript. You can do so by emailing the center directly, or, if you are applying by mail or in person, include it in the envelope with your submission.

Advanced Courses
Memoir with Hettie Jones
Poetry with Nathalie Handal
Poetry with Mark Wunderlich
Poetry with Jeanne Marie Beaumont
Fiction with Matthew Thomas
Fiction with Christopher Sorrentino

Year-long Courses*
Novel Writing with Stephen Wright
Novel Writing with Sandra Newman
Poetry Manuscript with Kathleen Ossip

*Please contact the Poetry Center to check on availability.

Master Classes

Poetry Master Class with Glyn Maxwell (deadline: Fri, Dec 8)
Poetry Master Class with Laura Kasischke (deadline: Thur, Feb 15)
Poetry Master Class with Grace Schulman (deadline: Fri, Feb 16)
Poetry Master Class with Safiya Sinclair (deadline: Fri, Mar 9)


Students will be notified via email.

The typical wait period to hear back is two weeks: we want to give your instructors time to read the application manuscripts carefully.

Once accepted, students are expected to register promptly so that notification of wait-listed students and those not accepted is not delayed. If you need to withdraw, please alert the Poetry Center so that someone from the wait-list may take your spot. If you must withdraw from a class, please refer to 92Y's refund policies.

We want to know your story.

Send us one document with up to five pages of your work: your poems, a short story, a scene, even your novel!

If you're sending prose, make sure you double-space your submission.

Enter your contact information (name, telephone number and email) in the Cover Letter field, as well as a short paragraph on why you’d like to spend three weeks writing with us.

Do note: you'll have to open a free Submittable account if you don't have one already.

Every applicant will receive a personalized response from our team of writers, as well as reading recommendations.

We're reading applications on a rolling basis.

For dates and times, go to

Teachers and visiting authors will be announced early in the Spring.