92Y Writing Program: Summer Workshops

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$10.00 USD
The Writing Program’s renowned faculty is dedicated to helping students master the art of their chosen genre—be it poetry, fiction or memoir.

For advanced workshops, registration is by permission only. Students are chosen by instructors on the basis of manuscript submission.

Submissions for advanced courses must arrive at the Poetry Center by Friday, May 9, at 5 pm. Manuscripts should consist of no more than 6 typed pages of poetry or 15 pages of prose (double-spaced).

An application fee of $10 must accompany your submission.

For online applicants: Contact and biographical information should be entered in the Cover Letter field; indicate courses you are applying to in the Workshops field.

Accepted students will be notified by phone; all other students will be accepted via email. Once accepted, students are expected to register promptly so that notification of wait-listed students and those not accepted is not delayed. If you need to withdraw, please alert the Poetry Center so that someone from the wait-list may take your spot.

For questions about the Writing Program, please call 212.415.5760 or email us.